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**Blog post by BACA Therapist, Susan Foss

KS1-199x300Our very own Katie was chosen to crown Mary today for the May Crowning, celebrating Mary as well as all mothers, including the moms of Katie and her friends.

Katie has learned through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) verbal behavior to smile for pictures and follow directions and motions for head placement during pictures, how to put her arm around someone for pictures, to climb a ladder and place the crown of flowers correctly, hold the hand of a male friend to help her and to do all of this with good manners.

Katie also had the opportunity to attend an etiquette luncheon presentation with friends, and she followed all of the etiquette manners she has learned through ABA as well as the new rules which were presented that day. The instructor made a point to approach Katie and compliment her on her good etiquette after the presentation.

These may seem like small steps; the cumulative of these steps and learning manners has assisted Katie with her peer interactions. During picture time as the students were milling around, Katie was asked to take a picture and stand by a boy. She independently put her arm around his neck and shoulder effortlessly like the other teens do.

KS2-682x1024 Katie at May Crowning ceremony[/caption]




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