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Assessing Outcomes of Intensive ABA/Verbal Behavior Therapy for Children with Autism using the VB-MAPP

(Dr. Carl T. Sundberg, Dr. Genae Hall and Jennifer Elia)

#183 Symposium, 5/25, 11-11:50 am,


The Behavior Analysis Center for Autism (BACA) will present outcome data for over 40 learners who were assessed and tracked using the VB-MAPP. These assessments were conducted between 2009 and 2013 by BCBAs who supervised the intensive ABA/Verbal Behavior therapy at BACA. The VB-MAPP was administered to each learner upon intake, then re-administered every 6 or 12 months to track progress across a large number of verbal and related skill areas. Pre-post Milestones, language barriers, and transition scores will be discussed. The results indicate the utility of using the VB-MAPP as a curriculum guide and demonstrate the efficacy of intensive ABA/Verbal Behavior therapy for treating individuals with autism.


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