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**Blog post by BACA ABA Therapist, Raynandole E. Poindexter

I recently had the opportunity to join a BACA client of mine on an adventurous excursion to Moe’s Southwest Grill. This magnificent occasion comes complimentary due to his consistent growth and maturation through superb ABA therapy, which seems to be virtually genetic at BACA.

Though this may seem typical, it is anything but typical, given the client’s recent history. One may find it difficult to believe how daringly risky this escapade would have been just weeks earlier. His frustration with the world’s communicatory reluctance just didn’t allow for such opportunities.

However, it was obvious that he enjoyed the same normality of leisure as anyone else once we heard him out. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a snack of choice after a hard day’s work? Think about it … is it really too much to ask? Don’t we expect to be compensated for our work?

Chips and queso are a small price to pay for the opportunity to improve the quality of someone’s life. The biggest lesson of it all was that we don’t have to be so technical when it comes to ABA. It’s just another way of life. Although the concept of it must be learned, the application of it should be based on one’s individuality (culture, personality, interests, etc).

The client is now able to see the benefit of being better, which enables him to do better. His evolution helps us teach better. Therefore, everything is simply better.

I wish he would have just told us what he wanted. But then again … did we ever ask?

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