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BACA Clinical Team in this photo, left to right: Dr. Kent Johnson; Dr. Barbara Esch; Dr. John Esch; Dr. Pat McGreevy; Dr. Carl Sundberg; Dr. Mark Sundberg; and Dr. Genae Hall [Dr. Peter Gerhardt and Bob Ryan pictured below]

BACA is attending and participating in the 39th Annual Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) Convention.

Consultants from the BACA clinical team will present on a variety of topics at the annual convention, scheduled for May 24-28 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minn. 

The ABAI Convention offers a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of highly-qualified attendees who work in the autism field and learn about emerging trends and innovative technologies. The convention covers the spectrum of behavioral topics.

Several consultants from BACA’s nationally-recognized clinical team will speak and present throughout the convention program. They are Dr. Mark Sundberg, BCBA-D; Dr. Pat McGreevy, BCBA-D; Dr. Barbara Esch, BCBA-D; Dr. Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D.; Dr. Genae Hall, BCBA-D; and Dr. Kent Johnson.

Here is a more in-depth synopsis of their presentations and involvement in the convention:

Pat McGreevy

  • Conducting a pre-conference workshop on “Essential for Living: A New Communication, Behavior, and Functional Skills Assessment, Curriculum, and Teaching Manual” (He and Troy Fry, M.A., BCBA, published this book.)

Mark Sundberg

  • Speaking on “A Treasure Hunt through Verbal Behavior: Digging up Gems from Skinner’s Analysis of Motivation.” The presentation will focus on B.F. Skinner’s treatment of motivation in the book “Verbal Behavior.” Invited B.F. Skinner lecturer
  • Discussant on “An Analysis of Private Events According to Skinner’s Verbal Behavior RUTH.” The presentation will evaluate the conceptualization of private events described in “Verbal Behavior.”

Barbara Esch

  • Workshop presenter for “Critical Skills and Sequences for Speech Development”
  • Chair for “The Utility and Ubiquity of Joint Control: Making use of Joint Control in Teaching”
  • Co-author for EXPO Poster: “Speech Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group”
  • Co-coordinator of VB Program for 2013 ABAI
  • Discussant on “Performance Management & Explicit Feedback for Pre-implementation Training and Guided Practice in School Autism Programs”

Genae Hall

  • Speaking on “Assessing the Sources of Control in Studies of Tact-Mand Independence: Making Sense of Conflicting Findings.” This paper presentation discusses Skinner’s writings on the functional distinction between verbal operants as presented in his (1957) book “Verbal Behavior,” analyzes the apparent sources of control for verbal responding in certain studies of tact-mand independence, and re-evaluates the conclusions of these studies in light of the analyses.

Peter Gerhardt

  • Speaking on “Community-Based Instruction in Varied Settings: Considerations for both Urban and Non-Urban Environments.” The discussion is targeted around the increasing number of adolescents diagnosed with ASD who are leaving the public educational system and moving into the world of work and living in the community.
  • Speaking on “Testing the Validity of the Functionality Index with Adolescents and Adults with Autism.” This involves talking about the importance in targeting functional skills and activities for engagement in adolescents or adults with autism.
  • Discussant on “Effectiveness of Community-Based Interventions for Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders”
  • Speaking on “PDS Event: Developing Clinical Skills for Working with Families.” The speakers of this panel will discuss their experiences in the field of behavior analysis and how they’ve provided training to parents and families.

Kent Johnson

  • Speaking in discussion panel on “Behavioral Approaches to Complexity and Generativity.” The panel will discuss applied, theoretical and conceptual topics related to generativity, adduction, application discovery learning and behavioral cusps as well as methodologies.
  • Chair and discussant for “The Evolution of the Morningside Assessment Model: Development of a Conceptual Framework and Lessons Learned”
  • Mentor for “Precision Teaching and Performance Analysis Improves Writing for Middle School Learners and Professional Behavior Analysts”

Daniel Sundberg (Mark Sundberg’s son)

  • Speaking on “A Preliminary Analysis of the Sandwich Method of Feedback.” Abstract talks about how they evaluated the effects of the sandwich method of feedback.

For more information on the Association for Behavior Analysis International, visit their website. Congratulations to the BACA Clinical Team!


Dr. Peter Gerhardt, BACA Clinical Team


Bob Ryan, M.S., BACA Clinical Team


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