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Three of the consultants of BACA’s clinical team are taking part in the first annual Michigan Autism Conference, which will take place Oct. 9-11 at the Fetzer Center on Western Michigan University’s campus.

The goal of the conference is to provide families, practitioners and researchers with valuable information regarding working with those with autism. Those that register will have the opportunity to listen to presentations, attend poster sessions, workshops and breakout sessions. BCBA CEUs will be available. Registration is now open!

Keynote Presentations

Dr. Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D, and Dr. Mark Sundberg, BCBA-D, will be giving keynote presentations on Thursday, October 10.

  • Dr. Peter Gerhardt’s presentation will provide a working overview of effective transition programming — at any age – with the ultimate goal being a life of dignity, competence, and quality.  To this end, an overview and practical suggestions for transition planning (including the use of existing technology) will be presented along with issues related to community based instruction, social competence, sexuality and sexual safety, and quality of life concerns.
  • Dr. Mark Sundberg will be speaking on how to identify a number of language and learning problems with children with autism. The presentation will target ten of the problems and Mark will discuss how they can be avoided or fixed.


  • On Thursday, Oct. 10, Dr. Mark Sundberg will also be providing a workshop, which is free to those that have already registered for the conference. The workshop will last two hours and will cover sufficient practices related to language assessment and evaluation to those with language delays.

Breakout Sessions

There are also several breakout sessions, where Dr. Peter Gerhardt and Dr. Carl Sundberg, BCBA-D, will be involved. Dr. Peter Gerhardt’s topic is “Community Supports and Inclusion” and Dr. Carl Sundberg’s  topic is “Gaining Instructional Control in Children with Autism.” Both of these sessions will take place on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Free Presentation by Dr. Peter Gerhardt

The conference will be offering a special presentation by Dr. Peter Gerhardt for parents and family members of those with autism on Wednesday, Oct. 9. The event is FREE to the public! Register for the presentation today!




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