Behavior Technician/ Team Technician

Implements program

Our Behavior Technicians must have a 4-year degree and receive an initial two-week training upon being hired. Thereafter they receive ongoing training from their team’s Training Specialist. This allows us to rotate staff to enhance their skills, enhance our clients’ experience, and promote generalization. To ensure effective communication and responsiveness please include your Team Supervisor and Clinical Director in all communication. Floaters–To be able to provide therapy to your child when staff may be absent, we have hired an additional technician for each team to act as a substitute. Team Technician (TTx) In order for our Behavior Technicians to improve their skill and have input into your child’s program, we have created the position of Team Technician. The Team Technician subs in for your child’s usual therapy staff at a scheduled time either weekly or bi-weekly so that they may record data, review graphs, and add new targets per the overall treatment plan. The Team Technician is trained to work with each child on the team.

Marlee Hess

Cole Elzie

Megan Peffley

Caitlin Allen

Emma Carlton

Jacob Thompson, B.S.

Stephanie Legaspi

Kelly Hughes

Kira Archer

Kathleen Rulon

Jacqueline Bell

Michelle Gaona

Madison Moses, B.S., RBT

Morgan Scherrer, BS

Akongnwi Bonu, B.A.

Amanda Smith

Mackenzie Grooms, BS

Gracyn Burns, RBT

Hannah Hendricks, B.S.

John Tolokan, B.S.

Alison Dragoo, B.S.

Meghan Spanke, B.S., RBT

Emily Davidson, B.S.

Rebecca DiPiro, M.A.

Lindsey Williams, B.S., RBT