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MAC-Logo-BW-CircleDr. Carl Sundberg will be presenting at the Michigan Autism Conference on Thurs., Sept. 25th!

Via MAC’s program:
2:00 p.m. – 2:50 p.m.; Arcadia Ballroom 2
Carl T. Sundberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D (Behavior Analysis Center for Autism)
Maintaining Skill Repertoires Taught to Children with Autism

There is much more to skill maintenance than conducting maintenance trials. If a skill is taught that is not useful in the person’s repertoire, it will be difficult to maintain. Once a skill is taught it is important for the behavior analyst to arrange circumstances in order
for the skill to occur in the natural setting. For example, if the goal is to teach an older student to independently make a purchase at a store, you should first teach the necessary component skills, such as money exchange, making a list, etc. You should then put these skills together and practice in a mock setting. The next step should be to
take the student to the store and assist if needed. Finally the behavior technician would wait outside the store, and so on. The skill is less likely to transfer if you cannot closely replicate the environment of the real world. That is, if the skill does not become a useful part of the persons repertoire. Often this involves doing training in the setting where the skill is targeted to occur. The focus of this presentation will be on teaching methods that will make use of the skills that are taught along with discussion on the importance of selecting appropriate skills to be taught (e.g., new skills that can be supported by the
current skills in a person’s repertoire). Fluency, generalization and maintenance will also be discussed.

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