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GeofsGardenGeof Mohs was someone who could fill a room at BACA with energy and smiles. And so, it was important to do something to honor Geof that could bring out energy and smiles in those at BACA today.

Geof’s mom, Terry Mohs, knew about a service project through Lowe’s called “Lowe’s Heroes.” Lowe’s Heroes brings Lowe’s employees together to do volunteer work on a community service project. BACA is very thankful to Lowe’s and Country Stone for taking the time to make this memorial garden such a beautiful piece that can now be enjoyed at BACA-Z.

Though the Lowe’s and Country Stone employees did the bulk of the work, we did have some BACA staff who pitched in to help. They shoveled, moved dirt and cleaned the area. Gardens like this aren’t just hastily put together, you know. (as one might believe from watching Home and Garden television shows) Once the memorial garden was complete near the end of June, it was time to set a date for the great revealing. We decided on Tuesday evening, July 9.

The dedication ceremony was simple, yet lovely. BACA staff, Lowe’s and Country Stone employees, and friends and family of Geof Mohs were all invited. Some people had visited our Zionsville location before and some had not. For those who saw the large yard we have for the first time, they realized what a perfect spot it was for the memorial garden. We sat around and admired the flowers and plants as well as the time and effort it took a Mohs family friend to make a glass mosaic that read “Geof’s Garden.”

Both Dr. Carl Sundberg and Richard Mohs, Geof’s dad, spoke about the garden and Geof. It’s amazing what an impact our kids have on our lives.

All are now welcome to come and admire “Geof’s Garden” that’s located right next to our BACA-Z building in Zionsville. The kiddos at the center will take turns watering the flowers and plants and take turns eating lunch on the benches that surround the center fountain.

Thanks again to those who made it to the ceremony. I know the Mohs family appreciated having everyone there, and Geof would have been thoroughly pleased as well.




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