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This year, the HABA Conference will take place Oct. 11-12 at the IUPUI Campus Center. (420 University Blvd., Indianapolis.) The Hoosier Association for Behavior Analysis’s goal is to educate and help implement the ethical and effective behavioral practices in research, schools, homes, etc. We’re happy to have BACA represented at this year’s conference. Read below as to how we are involved and don’t forget to  register today! 

Invited Speakers:

Dr. Carl Sundberg:

Title: Is a regular education classroom appropriate for your student?

His presentation will touch on the point that not all students have to have the goal of inclusion in a regular classroom setting. He’ll talk about the skill set needed for students to be in a classroom setting.

Dr. Barb Esch

Title: Intraverbal Language Skills: The Role of Verbal Conditional Discriminations

In her presentation, she’ll discuss verbal conditional discriminations (VBCDs), their prerequisite skills and ways to position instructional sequences to promote their acquisition.

Dr. John Esch

Title: Baer,Wolf, and Risley (1968): What Practicing Behavior Analysts Need to Know

He will discuss the six characteristics of Applied Behavior Analysis: Applied, Behavioral, Analytic, Technological, Conceptually Systematic and Effective. He will then identify the barriers that behavior anaysts my find in implementing the practices described by Baer, Wolf and Risley.

Dr. Peter Gerhardt

Title: ABA & Evidence‐based Practice with Adolescents and Adults with Autism: Implications for Quality of Life

He’ll provide an overview of ABA as evidence-based practice (EVP) with older people. One of the takeaways from the presentation will be to understand the importance of adaptive behavior with adults.


Danielle Lehman & Molly Quinn, Clinic Trainers, BACA Z:

Title: Coming to America: One Girl’s Journey to ABA

“We are doing a clinical review on a previous client’s progression of skills while participating in the clinic (BACA Atlas.)  We will show baseline data and progress for her time here.”

Jamie Goecker, Parent Training Coordinator, BACA Hart:

“My poster presentation is based on a research study that I am conducting at BACA Hart. The focus of the study is decreasing vocal stereotypy in the form of non-contextual words, phrases, and sounds. With this research study, I am attempting to replicate the work done by Love, Miguel, Fernand, & LaBrie (2012). Their study focused on the use of matched stimulation and response interruption and redirection (RIRD) to decrease vocal stereotypy. I have worked with several clients who engage in this behavior, often for long durations of time or at a high frequency. It often interferes with learning, during structured teaching time and also during play. Because I’ve dealt with so much of this behavior firsthand, it’s a mission of mine to find an effective treatment to decrease vocal stereotypy while increasing functional communication skills. This current study that I am conducting focuses on decreasing vocal stereotypy during play, but in the future I plan to conduct a study focused on decreasing the behavior during instruction. As of now, we are only conducting the study with participants at BACA Hart, but hope to have several participants at the other BACA locations in the near future. I have never presented a poster before, so I am looking forward to sharing my research results at this year’s HABA Conference!”

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