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SaraKey_small-218x300**Blog post by BACA ABA Therapist, Sara Key

Working with kids who have autism is obnoxious (you know the “good” obnoxious). Even when we’re not with them, we’re thinking of them, dreaming of them (yes, this happens more than it should), talking about them (within HIPAA regulations of course), or behaving like them (I have a ton of attention-seeking behaviors and four social media accounts).

Working with kids who have autism is fun. Who else can say they played Duck Duck Goose, ran around a playground, danced in a kid-directed dance party (we could learn a thing or two from the kids), and shaped young minds all in a day’s work?

Working with kids with autism will make you smile — especially when they smile. When you see your kiddo initiate appropriate play or social interaction, it will make you smile. When you’ve been working on a skill for days or weeks, and they finally hit it, BOOM! You and your heart smile. Like that 100-watt, can’t stop cheesin’ smile. (Immediately after, proceed to show off the accomplishment to everyone in the center) Be proud.

Working with kids who have autism will form a family you couldn’t have dreamed up. You’ll have the smart one, the outgoing one, the quiet one, the kind one, the motherly one, the goofy one, the dedicated one, the organized one, so on and so forth. The relationships and bonds you make with your coworkers are deep. You can’t create a family quite like it anywhere else. You will depend on each other, pick each other up, encourage each other, laugh together, and respect each other. There’s nothing quite like it.

Working with kids who have autism is a gift. Embrace it. Love it.


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