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breminderDr. Carl Sundberg, BACA executive director/president, was recently featured in “Science in Autism Treatment,” the Newsletter of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT).

In the interview, Dr. Sundberg discusses his journey into the field of autism treatment and behavior analysis. He discusses BACA and his vision for BACA in the future as well as BACA’s support for ASAT.

For the complete Winter 2013 Newsletter, click here!

BACA is a partner sponsor with ASAT. ASAT believes individuals with autism have the right to effective treatments which are scientifically demonstrated to make meaningful, positive change in their lives.

ASAT works toward a time when all families will be empowered to identify and choose the most effective, scientifically-validated interventions for their child, and all providers can be guided by science when selecting and implementing their interventions.

Through the “Real Science, Real Hope Sponsorship Initiative,” BACA supports ASAT in its mission. Read more about ASAT and BACA’s Professional Sponsorship with the organization here!

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