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Regarding research, we are continuing with the tact-to-mand transfer study. This study involves first teaching 3 enjoyable chains of behavior or activities, teaching tacts for specific items within each activity, testing whether mands for previously tacted items emerge when necessary items are missing, then teaching one mand at a time until new mands begin to emerge without direct training. When they do, we have achieved “tact-to-mand transfer,” where teaching new tacts may automatically lead to mands for the same items without additional teaching. We presented a poster of the results of this study for one participant at the ABAI conference in Chicago last May, and are continuing Phase I (tact training) with two more participants.  A fourth participant has completed pre-training on the enjoyable activities and started Phase I.  We also have 5 new participants, who have now started pre-training on the activities. In addition to this study, we are continuing with a study to establish listener discrimination skills with participants who have had difficulty acquiring these skills in the past.  We also plan to continue a study on cooperative behavior (manding to peers and responding to peer mands) and will soon start working on a study designed to test and establish mand-to-tact transfer in very early learners.

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