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**Blog post by BACA parent Suzanne Aaron 



We were preparing him for a trip to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  This trip was to celebrate my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary over Memorial Day weekend, and this trip was their gift to us and my sister so that we could all spend this happy time together.

There is a dress code after 6 PM.  The hotel was more than willing to work with us, but even so, I wanted to see if he (Suzanne’s son) would be willing to wear a dress shirt and clip-on tie, even if they would allow him just to be in a dress shirt.  So two weeks before our trip, I sent in his dress shirts and the tie, and Kari and Paul (behavior technicians) worked on this with him.  I believe he was willing to wear the shirt and tie for about 20 minutes the first day. After a few days he was up to the full 2 1/2 hour session!

The good news is that the new skill transferred to this very new location for him! He wore not only the dress shirt and tie, but a blazer as well, and fit in with everybody else’s attire at the cocktail hour and the five course dinner both nights.  He was such a champ! And we are so incredibly proud of him.

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