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Bob began learning about ABA and practicing as a therapist at a residential treatment facility in Florida called Threshold when it was under the Clinical direction of Dr. Eb Blakley. Upon graduation with a B.A. in Psychology from UCF, (University of Central Florida), he became a Public school teacher at The Magnolia School in Orange County Florida and was the Chair of the Behavior Department at that school which consisted of 5 classrooms working with children with developmental delays and behavior issues. During this time, Dr. Pat McGreevy was his classroom consultant. He was recruited by Dr. Vincent Carbone to work as a Behavior Specialist for Osceola High school and quickly moved to a district level Behavior Analyst position for Osceola County Public Schools. He continued to work alongside Dr. Carbone as a behavior analyst for Osceola County public schools and they began to consult on VB programs across the state of Florida. He then became a District Behavior Analyst for St Lucy Schools in Florida. After about 3 years with St Lucy County, he became the Education and Training Director of the Jericho School in Jacksonville FL. During that time, he began the ABA program at Florida Institute of Technology graduating in 2007 with an M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis. He currently acts as a consultant to schools and families, co-instructs for FIT ABA on-line program, and works with Dr. Carl Sundberg at the BACA Center in Fishers Indiana focusing on the verbal behavior and academic repertoires of children diagnosed with Autism. Bob demonstrates expertise in the following areas: Discrete Trail Training (DTT), Natural Environment Teaching (NET), Precision Teaching (PT), Direct Instruction (DI), Verbal Behavior (VB), and Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). Bob provides consultation services at BACA.

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