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**Blog post by behavior technician Ryan Bable

G’Day fellow readers,

The softball season has come and gone, and as some of you may have known, or more likely not known, BACA once again had our mostly staff softball team this year. After last years rock-bottom-par performance of 0 wins, we had high hopes as we could only beat or tie our record. With a team as dominant as the 08′ Lions, a roster as steady as the 13′-14′ 76ers, and a player on the team that learnt any baseball style rules from playing Super Mario Baseball (yeah, that would be me), what could go wrong? Just wait, baby birds, I’ll feed you.

The season started off just like any other. Complete domination. By that, I mean teams were running circles around us faster than Charlie Brown could say “Good grief!” But, in a shocking twist of events, the softball gods smiled upon us. All of a sudden a single game began turning our way. Instead of running under the ball, screaming and having the ball fly over our hands, we were catching it. Instead of swinging at what looked like fastballs pitched by Barry Bonds (he’s a pitcher right?), it was like swinging at a balloon. And instead of hearing our team say “Dang it!”, we were hearing them say “Wait, since when were we winning?”

Thats right, in a Little-Engine-That-Could story, we pulled out a win. A. Single. Win. It may not seem like much (and it really wasn’t) but it meant we did exponentially and infinitely better than last season. Does this mean we did well in the post season? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. We lost 17-7. In the world cup, we were Brazil and they were Germany. In pop culture, we were Bieber and they were Orlando Bloom. In abstract carbonated drinking products were RC Cola and they were Faygo. No competition. But despite all the maraudings I still had a blast, and let’s be honest, I had to do something on a Tuesday night other than craft my Bachelorette Bracket…

Next season I encourage you all to participate! It’s always a fantastic experience when you get to bond with your co-workers, even when it is over losing. It’s a lot more fun than you would think. And if you say you suck, don’t worry, you’d be just like the rest of us. 🙂

For the love of the game,


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