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**Blog post by BACA Therapist, Colleen Coleman  

I started working at BACA in May 2011 and a few months later I walked into work like any normal day to see on the schedule “Colleen as Megan’s new primary.” At first I had to do a double take because I wasn’t really familiar with Megan since I was a brand new therapist and I hadn’t been able to get to know all the kids yet. I was both nervous and excited. I felt a little nervous just because the only thing I really knew about Megan was that she was a little loud and she carried a pillow all around, but I was so excited to get to know her.

On our first day working together I learned that she is the best “colorer”, so specific to detail, very smart, a fantastic listener, super active, loves folding clothes for fun I may add and she pretty much always has a smile on her face! Since then I have been able to see her grow and excel in so many ways that I feel blessed that I have been able to be her therapist.

When I first started working with Megan she carried around a big large pillow and since then we have faded the pillow out and now she is able to verbally tell us when something is bothering her whether it may be her head or her belly or if it’s too loud, asking for a stress ball or water, or the “blow-up bucket” (in her words), or telling me the lights are bothering her..I would say that’s pretty spectacular. Her language is growing everyday and it truly amazes me how she is able to express in words what she needs to say.

When a new skill is introduced she tries so hard to learn what is being taught. We worked on rounding to the next amount for weeks, she struggled with it but she never gave up. Today she can round to any number, she is a pro! Megan went from being prompted to independently writing notes to her friends and family and typing them up. Her social skills have improved as well, when I first started with her Megan would stay mostly to herself now she is so motivated to hang with friends and will follow all of her rules just to eat a popsicle with her two buds.

Since our first day together we have tackled so much in, what feels like, a short time. We have tackled manding for attention, removal of aversives, manding with wh questions, math, spelling, reading comprehension, phonics, multiplication, groups, describing events, of course learning the Friday song, and the list goes on and on…

Megan has made me a better therapist in so many ways and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with her and watch her progress these past few years. I know that she will grow in so many more ways and she will do great things on her next journey.


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